Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Understanding Grid Tie Solar Electric Systems

If you a solar power enthusiasts, you may have heard of grid-tied photovoltaic systems already. This system generates electricity for your home or business establishment and route the access into the electric utility grid.

Grid tie solar power system is also known as grid-intertied solar electric system, on-grid or grid-connected electric system. The grid tie solar kits are definitely perfect combination of a hybrid solar system. This system combines the sun energy and the fossil fuels to create a clean solar energy environment. This kits are designed to deliver the necessary power that is required by a family to power all the electrical appliances as well as other electrical devices they owned.

A grid tie solar electrical system lets the owner to generate and use his own homemade solar power to supplement additional power needed from the local electric utility. This way, you will be able to use a clean and renewable source of energy, but if this is not enough, you can still avail of the power from your local electric utility. In simple terms, if your homemade solar power system at home experiences some troubles or can't generate enough power to supply all your needs, you will not be left in the dark.

In this type of a solar electric system, you can choose to have a battery backup or none at all. If you opt for a battery-backup system, you will be able to store any solar power that your solar panel has generated but don't immediately use. But, when it is time to use that power, you will be able to use it later.

Going green and solar, means you do not have to start building a large homemade solar power system at home. You can start small, by using a grid-tie solar electric system. Then, when you have built several solar panels to cater to all your household needs, then you can definitely ditch the services of your local electric utility.

Autor: Daniel Burke

Your decision to build a solar power system is very much helpful not just to you and your family but also to the environment. Better act now by going solar or be sorry later.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Uncover DIY Solar Electricity

The economic and financial crisis that we are all facing right now, leave us no choice but to look for alternative sources of energy. These alternative energy solutions are very affordable and easy to maintain with the benefit of saving our dying environment.

These alternative sources of energy can biofuels, hydroelectric power system, wind energy, or solar power system. If you want to install your very own solar electricity at home, that is not a problem. You can do this with just a little of your time, effort, and money. You can place the solar panels on your rooftop and avail of free electricity for several years with just minimal maintenance.

It is not expensive at all to accomplish your DIY solar electricity project at home. Of course, you need to invest some of your free time to achieve a solar-powered home, but once you see the results of going solar, you will really appreciate your decision of adopting a solar power system for your house.

It takes a lot of reading and some planning before you can completely decide on doing this project. With the help of the internet, you can easily search about the latest trend as well as the easiest and affordable ways to do this DIY solar power task. The most important thing is allowing yourself to embrace changes to achieve better results not only for the sake of your family but to save the environment from global warming or pollution brought about by using hazardous chemicals or fuels as well.

Adapting to DIY solar electricity at home is not an easy task. It requires patience, some research, and hard work. If want to save some money for your future as well as save Mother earth, then better act now and build your own solar panels at home.

Autor: Daniel Burke

You can definitely save money and the environment by building DIY solar panels at your own home. It is a fun, enriching, and worthy project to undertake.

If you want to know more about the easy and step-by-step guide on building and installing your own solar power system, just Click Here.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Solar Kits For the Home - One Ingredient in Conservation and Restoration

Conserving energy is one of the major issues that must be addressed in the 21st century. The cost and side effects of producing power using oil, gas and coal continue to increase for several reasons, and they are all rooted in company profits. The sun is our main power source and by using imagination we can create realities that are less dependent on fossil fuels, which pollute and destroy the environment. Solar energy kits for home use are not new; they have been around for years, but we are just beginning to appreciate the benefits and value they offer us.

The masses are finally getting the message; there are other energy options that reduce costs and are more efficient. Some consumers have reduced energy bills by almost 50% by installing solar kits for home or business use. The advantages of using solar power are well documented. Even conventional homes that are not built for solar power systems can benefit from installing a solar kit. The kit can act as a back up system if there's a power grid failure or it can supply some of the energy needed to power the home on a daily basis. Solar kits can be used to operate a hot water system or to power small appliances. Solar kits require very little maintenance and the solar cells last a lifetime. Homes designed exclusively for solar power use are increasing in popularity. Eliminating bundles of wires that are considered an eyesore and reducing the daily cost of powering a home are two of the major attractions.

Solar kits for home use do have some disadvantages. The kits can be expensive, and in some areas of the world sunlight is restricted due to weather patterns and location, so the kits have fewer benefits. Conservation and restoration are two of the buzz words that continue to get our attention. Solar kits for home use are important; they can help make those words a reality in our lifetime.

Autor: Matt Murren

DIY Solar Energy Instructions. Click Here to get the details..

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Home Solar Packages - Energy of the Future

Home solar packages can change the future. People are constantly in search of a better way to do things and we are on the edge of a revolution in powering our homes and businesses.

With the cost of fossil fuel constantly going up, and its supply often being threatened, solar energy is an alternative energy source that is being developed at a rapid pace. People are tired of being held hostage to outside suppliers of energy. What a pleasure it would be not to have those large power bills that always arrive at the worst time.

A home solar package allows you to generate your own electricity and save money at the same time. Most systems to supply an entire home are pretty expensive, but don't let that discourage you. The money you save over the years will pay for the system and eventually you can supply your home with energy for free. You can have a constant source of power and not have to pay a cent to the electric company.

You don't have to start with a whole house system. You can add solar panels to your home in stages and after a period of time have enough to supply all the energy you need. The systems are made so they are easy to be added on to. They don't need full sunlight, so cloudy days are not a problem.

There is even a system where you can send electricity back into the grid and the power company will pay you. Now that would be a nice switch of circumstances.

The technology is getting better and more efficient at an unbelievable rate. If you look around you will see solar panels everywhere. Even boats and campers have solar panels. That is something you never used to see. Also there are signs and lights along the highways using solar power. You can see the technology developing all around us.

Home solar packages are well worth looking into.

Autor: Matt Murren

DIY Solar Energy Instructions. Click Here to get the details..

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Real Key to Saving Energy at Home - Solar Do it Yourself Kits

Have you heard about solar do it yourself kits but are skeptical? In the same regard have you had it with electric bills? Tired of winter heating costs?

I know where you're coming from. I had just about had it when my electric company sent out a notice that there was going to be a 38% increase in my kilowatt cost! 38% - oh my gosh!

Let's be realistic here. Doing something for your home that is environmentally beneficial is great but the bottom line is that we want to save money.

Using a solar do it yourself kit to make your own solar panels is a realistic way to reduce your monthly electric bill by 60-80%. Believe it or not, thousands of others have built them already, including me.

Not all homemade solar panel instructions are the same. It is important to use a guide that is complete, easy to follow, and doesn't leave you frustrated. Being frustrated is exactly what happened to me and I don't want you to feel the same pain that I felt.

The best renewable energy guide will give you three important sets of instructions. The first is a detailed set of diagrams with text. A picture is worth a thousand words and that is true here.

Secondly, you will need a complete wiring guide. Yes, solar panels need some wiring to function properly but don't be alarmed because it is not that difficult.

And thirdly, you need a good rooftop installation guide. Proper mounting is not hard but it must be done properly in order for your solar panels to function properly.

Autor: Christina Traver

Are you letting the fear of the unknown prevent you from saving money on your energy bills? Solar do it yourself kits are the best way for you to make your home energy efficient so you can save money.

The real key to building your own solar panels that will save you money on energy is to find and follow the best guide available. I've done all the research work for you so you don't get frustrated. Visit for all the information and the only guide you need to reduce your electricity bill.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Homemade Wind Turbine Kit - Simple Techniques That Will Make Your Wind Turbine More Efficient

Are you excited about getting a homemade wind turbine kit? Are you anxious to save some money on your monthly electricity bill? Everyone is talking about a few simple techniques that will ensure that you get the most savings out of your wind turbine.

Just imagine for a moment how good it will feel to build and install your own wind generator. Not only will your home be environmentally friendly, but your household budget will thank you for your efforts.

Building your wind generator is easy and inexpensive. Even I was able to do it and I'm no master carpenter - no way, no how!

Now, we're all smart enough to know that our homemade wind turbine kit will only benefit us if we have the darn thing positioned properly in the wind. But how do we do that? I recommend a few simple techniques to ensure that your turbine performs well. If you follow these you won't make the same mistakes that I made.

1. Spend some time outside of your home when it is windy. Think about the wind patterns you're feeling around the house. Where is the wind the strongest?

2. Visit the National Weather Service's website. Their database will give you specific information about your area.

3. Determine where you can install the base, or tower, of your wind turbine. It is important that the base be high enough (at least 10 feet higher than any obstacles in the perimeter).

If you follow these simple suggestions, your wind generator will take a major bite out of your monthly electric bill.

Autor: Christina Traver

I have researched many homemade wind turbine kit instruction guides and have found the best one out there.

Let me show you how easy it is to make your home energy efficient and how to do it inexpensively. Visit for more tips.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's About Time! Solar Powered Home Systems

There was a time when thinking about installing solar powered home systems were thoughts reserved for the wealthy. Times have changed and with the latest and greatest technology that is now available, it's easy and very inexpensive to covert to solar energy to provide energy for your home.

The push to go 'green' has helped to advance the latest technology when it comes to energy sources. The new solar powered home systems are far more effective and efficient then those made just a few years ago, and more and more people are discovering what solar powered systems are all about. For example, there is news that a researcher of renewable energy is sharing news about building solar panels incorporating a device which is able to take the sun's power and convert it into electricity without the expense of adding additional components to produce a clean and free supply of energy. Some individuals are not only utilizing their solar powered home systems to produce their own free electricity, but are also selling the excess power they are producing to electric companies. It's hard to believe but true.

There are other benefits to utilizing solar home power, which can be used in older homes as well as newly constructed homes. If a home is solar powered and there is a power outage in the area, the power stays on. If your home is running on solar energy, appliance will run, lights, furnace, refrigerator, etc. The only problem you might have is helping all your neighbors stay warm and fed!

You'll also save money using solar power in your home, because you won't be paying fuel bills or electric bills. Imagine just how much money you can save by harnessing the sun's power, and the cost of installing a solar powered home system will usually pay for itself in just a few years. If you buy solar panels and do your own installation, you'll save even more.

More information about solar powered home systems and how they can reduce your heating and electricity bills drastically as well as keep your home in the 'green', can be found by searching for solar home systems on the Internet.

Autor: Matt Murren

DIY Solar Energy Instructions. Click Here to get the details..

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

DIY Solar Power Kits For Houses

Going green means going solar. To begin your project of switching to solar power to provide electricity to your homes you need to have Solar Panel Kits.

These solar power kits will help you make your own solar panels for less. Each kit has all the necessary interconnection components needed in your DIY project. This includes a soldering iron, solder, tabbing, flux, solar cells, detailed images and instructions on how to make an inexpensive housing for the solar panel.

Building and installing your own solar power system can illuminate your house. You can use it to run your electrical appliances and you can even keep your home heated during the winter season. Also, you will also be able to use it as a water heater.

To avail of this solar power kits, you can buy a ready-made one from a store which sells solar power kits and tools. You can also download a useful DIY solar panel guide and build it yourself. The third choice is to buy a DIY solar panel kit and build it. Every one of us has an option. If you want to save, you can search through the internet and build your own solar panels. There are several websites offering this kind of product or kit.

Ordering your kit online is such an easy and hassle-free task. In a matter of minutes, you can order online and pay online without tiring yourself. This solar panel kit is very helpful and some even have detailed images to help you when you build and install your solar panel. And, it is also very affordable compared to the ready-made solar panels available in the market.

When you feel that you are ready to make your own solar power system at home, you can now buy solar kits available online. You can easily acquire the kit of your choice with just once click of a mouse. It's affordable, easy and simple.

Autor: Daniel Burke

You can definitely save money and the environment by availing yourself of a DIY solar power kit.

If you want to know more about the easy and step-by-step guide on building and installing your own solar power system, just Click Here.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

You Can Learn How to Make Solar Panels

In an effort to reduce their electric bills, many people have been researching the possibility of installing solar panels. While shopping around they find the costs of solar panels are not cheap, and to have them professionally installed makes the cost even higher. Why not learn to make your own panels, this could save considerable on costs as you would be doing it all yourself

As a do-it-yourselfer you can learn how to make solar panels for your home. When you compare the cost of a pre-made solar energy system to learning how to make your own solar panels, you would realize the great saving you could make. As a do-it-yourselfer, you would have control over how big you would want the panels and have the option of expanding the system later on.

You would need a good manual or guide to follow with a list of supplies you would need to purchase. The parts can be found at most hardware stores, and inexpensive photovoltaic cells are easy to locate. You can find cells on the internet and check locally for a store that might specialize in solar power supplies. It can take about a day to put together a 100-watt panel, which would be good to power a small appliance or workshop.

Spend some money on a good manual that has detailed instructions to learn how to make solar panels. You will be saving money building your own system so the cost of a good manual should not be an issue. Once you have your solar power system up and running you will feel good about having done it yourself and knowing you always have a source of power available.

Autor: Josh Stevens

Discover how you can build your own solar power system at Home Made Energy. Josh Stevens is an energy savings enthusiast interested in solar power.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Most Important Thing to Know About Building Your Own Solar Panels

If you want to build your own solar panels and get the most out from it, then this article will guide you on the most important aspect of solar panels. Knowing this will greatly affect the power efficiency of your panels.

Well, building your own solar panels might not be difficult with the right tools and step by step guide but building solar energy panels that last long, durable and provide the best saving in long term will requires this vital knowledge. Okay, it's actually about choosing the right panels for your home.

There are generally 2 types of solar panels

(1) Flat Plate Technology or Solar Thermal - This type of solar panel system uses sunrays to heat up water.

(2) PV Technology or Photovoltaic - This type uses sunlight to create electricity directly.

We are focusing on the latter where we want to use the sunlight to create electricity directly. The PV Technology or Photovoltaic can further be classified into 3 types. I will share with you their benefits and drawbacks to give you the best of information so that you can build your own solar panels that give the highest power efficiency.

Monocrystalline Panels - this is the most widely used solar panel worldwide and it is also the most efficient. Monocrystalline Solar Panels are extremely sensitive that it can still perform in cool condition. It also has the highest power to size ratio meaning that you can produce about 130 to 180 watts of energy per M2. Hence, you don't need large space for this to operate but still get the best electrical conversion efficiency. However, Monocrystalline Solar Panels is also the most expensive of all but you can expect long life span of these panels.

Polycrystalline Panels - this is the second runner up to Monocrystalline Solar Panel but sill able to produce remarkable power efficiency at about 120 to 130 Watts per M2. It is also very popular because it is less expensive and has the same quality and durability as Monocrystalline Solar Panel. However, you might need a larger space to get optimum results.

Amorphous Panels - these panels consist of molten silicon that looks like thin film and spread across over a large plate of stainless steel or similar material. The power efficiency is lower about 60 to 80 watts per M2 and therefore you might need larger space to produce higher watts. The benefits on the other hand are that Amorphous solar panels are the cheapest and that it can continues to operate even if part of the panel cells are in shadow which the above two will not.

Autor: Gary Lyric

To get more information on how to build your own solar panels to power your house and start enjoying at least 60% of saving on your electricity bill, get this fully illustrated and video packed guide now at

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Turning to GU10

There are many energy saving light bulbs on the market today, including spirals, reflectors, and candle bulbs. They are all designed to reduce energy consumption and last a long time. Another type of energy savers are GU10 low energy light bulbs. They are high-performance, efficient, and long lasting and compatible with GU10 fixtures. These bulbs are also versatile and can be used in many settings, both residential and commercial.

Some GU10 low energy light bulbs are powered by LED's (light emitting diodes). Each GU10 has clusters of high-intensity LEDs that create a bright and consistent light. Amazingly, this can be achieved on 1.5 watts of power, which is 90% better than older, more traditional bulbs. You can use fewer GU10s and get more light for your home or business. And the more GU10s you use to replace older bulbs, the more you will reduce your expenditures.

Just like other new bulbs, GU10 low energy light bulbs have a long life span. Where you might have to replace an old incandescent light every six months to a year, the GU10s can last for seven years or more. Studies have shown that they have a life of up to 60,000 hours. So not only is the design out-performing old bulbs, but it is lasting longer too. You are saving money on utilities bills and also on bulb maintenance. And since you are not using as many, there are less to dispose of, and this helps all of us reduce landfill waste.

Another great benefit is that GU10 low energy light bulbs are very sturdy. Instead of a fragile glass bulb and filament, this is a solid bulb that can withstand motion and jarring. It was created to be vibration and shock resistant, so you will not have to worry about them popping or breaking easily. As they produce almost no radiant heat, they will remain cool; this can help to eliminate some safety hazards like burns or fire.

All these features make these bulbs extremely versatile. You can use GU10 low energy light bulbs in many sources including residential and commercial lighting. They are used in security lights as well as in desk lamps and kitchen counter lights. Because they are shock resistant GU10s are a perfect choice for indicator lights and electronic components. And they can also be used outdoors for path and fence lights. Even businesses such as restaurants and night clubs are using GU10s for various lighting sources.

Energy efficient bulbs will soon replace almost all traditional light bulbs. GU10 bulbs, available in spirals, reflectors and the others styles, are so economical that consumers must use them as much as possible. They simply offer so much in savings and reduced consumption that it would be foolish to not use them. Whilst consumers are seeing personal savings, use of GU10s and other energy saving bulbs is also helping reduce the total energy consumption of the world. This will help protect our natural resources and hopefully preserve a better, cleaner earth for generations to come.

Autor: Charles Barnett

Lyco was established in 1993 and, by consistently exceeding customer expectations, grew to become one of the UK's premier lighting suppliers. Our reputation for service, quality and price was further enhanced when we introduced our Essential Business Product ranges, confirming our status as a single source solution for lighting and business supplies.For further information regarding our range of GU10 low energy light bulbs please visit our website at

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fancy Free Electricity For the Next 400 Years - Just Build a Magnetic Generator

Hands up who wants to save money. I mean a lot of money. The kind of money that could make a real difference to your life. Well, who wouldn't. Imagine cutting your electricity bill by up to 60% for only a few hours work and doing some simple DIY tasks. Are you interested yet?

Well, you should be because thanks to the amazing magnetic generator these promises and many more can now be realised. Magnetic generators were first developed about 10 years ago in Australia and were seen as a true competitor for the crown of the best alternative energy product available, next to rivals such as the wind turbine and solar panels. However, the early prototypes, while they worked were devilishly complicated and difficult to build. This means that very few people ever got one to work.

However, that has all changed thanks to the dedication of hundreds of people worldwide, and its now possible to buy DIY guides that can show you how to make your very own working magnetic generator within a couple of days using only basic tools and a little practical skill.

A magnetic generator works along the same lines as a wind turbine but it harnesses the power of magnets as opposed to the wind. The magnets are arranged on a flywheel and , as any student can testify, the repulsive and attractive forces they generate can turn the wheel. This rotational motion is then transferred to a turbine which is turned to generate electricity. A simple inverter changes the DC current into AC current which can then be used to power any of the devices around your home.

The best thing about these devices is that the power source, magnets, run out at an incredibly slow rate. In fact it has been estimated that a magnetic generator can produce around 400 years worth of power before the magnets need to be changed.

So, if you fancy spending a couple of hundred dollars building a magnetic generator you can expect to gain significant savings over the next couple (of hundred) years!

Autor: Dave Simpson Dave Simpson
Level: Platinum
20 Years IT industry experience and still learning the ropes. Recently started Internet Marketing to make some pennies on the side. I follow Ths Mighty ... ...

If you want to cut your electricity bills and fancy building your own working magnetic generator then check out the Magniwork Guide. Its simple to follow and tells you everything you need to know.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Learn To Create Solar Power For Your Home Enjoy Huge Dollars

It is true now as it has ever been! Solar power is becoming more popular as time passes by us! If you don't know why already.. then please let me explain the reasons why it has become massive over the last few years. Solar power energy can do seriously amazing things for us humans here on earth! It can reduce the cost of traditional energy and it can also help to keep the environment healthy!

These are the two primary reasons why people are switching to solar energy. Massive savings and contributing to a better environment are the key reasons. But the problem that lies in solar panel energy is that it is expensive to invest in. BUT... if you take another route you can certainly work on having a solar panel system for your home at an incredibility cheaper price!

What the alternative route I hear you say?

Simple really... you basically learn to develop your own full functional DIY solar panel system. Now don't get scared... as you may think that building one of these devices is rocket science! But fear not.... its actually quite simple. As long as you have a proper set of instructions to work off, you can simply follow the step by step plan from a reliable guide and off you go...

Cool... but how much does one of these guides cost.. and are materials expensive for a device like this?

Great question... but let me tell you this... As I mentioned in the beginning of this article it does not cost you a lot of money to get started with one of these devices. In fact, let me set the record straight. To purchase one of these guides it will cost you about $50. Then for the materials you'll need in order to build this device, it will set you back about $200. So $250 in total is the budget requirement!

Now if you think about this... it would normally cost you at least a few thousand dollars to purchase a full on solar panel to your house. But if you go DIY, it will cost you a fraction of that. In addition to that, it will take you less time to actually make your investment back. After a few months, you will begin to notice great savings on your electricity bills. You may even experience complete control of your energy consumption as you may never need to use your local energy company ever again!

Autor: Bernard Ridal

If you'd like more information on how to make solar power, or learn build your own solar panel. Then visit the links above. Make solar power today and reap the rewards!

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