Monday, November 30, 2009

Insulation Benefits - Which Insulation Can Benefit the Most

Insulation benefits homes by rendering energy efficiency to homes to maintain internal temperature and boosting green profile by reducing carbon footprint. This is simply filling up the gap that is catalyst to heat transfer in and out of the house. For an existing home, it can be added to several areas to prevent wasted heat that occurs -

- Around 35% from walls
- Around 25% from roof
- Around 15% from floor
- Around 25% from windows and doors

Insulation benefits in varying degree whether from the areas where installed or the types of materials used in the process. Materials to insulate are of various types that range from green or natural to synthetic materials. The most commonly chosen materials are cellulose, spray foam, fibreglass etc. The formaldehyde is an element that is used as the binding agent in manufacturing most of these products.

Blown-in insulation benefits

Blown-in insulation has myriad options such as fibreglass, foam and cellulose etc. there are different benefits to opt for this option. Easy and fast installation process is one of the significant advantages of this insulating method. Another bliss is that you can inject as much as filling as you need and you get total control over the thickness. Blown insulation involves clean materials and has no risks of skin irritation or allergies. Blown-in filling materials are loose materials that can fit in tiniest openings and thus, ensures the tightest fitting, maximum performance.

Rigid foam insulation benefits

Rigid foam insulating process performs better than other options as the R-value of material is higher than other materials having same thickness. Higher resistance to heat capacity of the rigid foam increases energy efficiency at a greater degree and reduces energy bills. Free from fibreglass particles, the rigid foam has no risks of burning or irritation caused to eyes, skin and lungs.

Cellulose insulation benefits

Cellulose is another option that is made of recycled newsprint and is treated with fire resistance chemicals. Thus, this material is more fire safe than fibreglass materials. Apart from improving thermal efficiency, this is also effective in noise reduction, absorbing and de-absorbing moisture, non-irritant and allergy free elements and biodegradable.

Autor: William Peter

Here is the detailed information about insulation grants and insulation benefits, that would be helpful in save your home energy.

This website contains huge information about loft insulation and home insulation.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Truth About Windmill Electricity! Here is Something Most of You Do Not Even Realize

Humans have harnessed the energy of the wind for years together now. Initially they were using the wind to pump water through primitive irrigation systems or to grind grain. Today's turbines have evolved so much that they consume wind energy to rotate huge metal blades which results in the spinning of generator thus producing electricity.

Windmill electricity turbines are supported on very tall towers in order to acquire the maximum wind energy available. At close to 100 feet or much higher than the ground, these turbines make maximum use of the speed of the winds in order to yield electricity.

A blade behaves similar to the wing of an airplane. Upon the winds falling onto the blades, a low pressure pocket is formed at the blade's bottom side. This change in pressure causes the rotor to rotate. This force is termed as lift and is immense compared to the force of the wind touching the front of the blade. This is termed as drag. The amalgamation of drag and lift makes the rotor to roll and the rotating shaft turns a generator to produce windmill electricity.

In recent years, enormous amount of interest is being shown towards windmill electricity as the next possible substitute after fossil fuels. The only problem with wind power is that it is unreliable. When the wind stops, the generation of power also stops. This means that entire wind farms could go out of operation for months thus affecting many industries, factories and households.

Small windmill electricity systems have the ability of energy reserves that are distributed. These energy supplies refer to modular technologies that generate power and can be pooled to enhance the performance of the delivery system of the power generated.

Imagine, if every house had its own small windmill, we could save so much and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels to generate windmill electricity.

Autor: Robert K.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Caring For Your Solar Panels

If you spend the money to get solar panels, you need to make sure you are caring for them properly. The right care will keep them working properly and in good shape for many years. There is usually no reason good panels shouldn't last for a decade or two and work great the whole time.

Make sure you keep any information that comes with your solar panels. Any booklets or brochures that have care information should be kept for future reference. This way if there are specific products or methods that need to be used on your panels, you will always have that information at your fingertips.

Probably the most important part of caring for your solar panels is ensuring that they stay clean. When you are installing them, make sure they are set at an angle so that things will be more likely to slide off them. Then check them regularly if you can. If it is safe, sweep leaves and snow off them so they can continue to work. Also, wipe off the glass sometimes to keep dirt and water-spots from reducing their effectiveness.

Check your panels at least once a year to make sure they are still safe. Make sure they are bolted down properly and that no other screws are coming loose. If anything is shaky figure out how to fix it right away before it can pose a hazard to anyone. Also make sure the cover isn't cracked. Whether it is glass or plastic, if it has cracks, it can shatter and seriously injure someone.

Think of taking care of your solar panels as protecting an investment. These items aren't cheap, and you are buying them to improve your life. It only makes sense to take a little time to make sure they are doing the best job that they can.

Autor: Myloer Jamery

Myloer is a hobby writer who usually updates his blogs every day and writes about all kinds of topics. His latest project is about small solar panels and you can also read his articles about bp solar panels by following the links.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It Will Now Be Easier to Save Money by Using Residential Solar Panel! Read on to Know How it Works

The heat is the only concern for many during summer. And they never give the source of it all, more importantly the sun or the solar energy a second thought. That amplified heat radiated signifies that residential solar panel can draw more energy during summer rather than in winter. This implies that the sun's energy available during an hour in summer is much greater than what is available during an hour in winter.

A residential solar panel is based on the photovoltaic postulates that are inbuilt in many semiconductors. In this type of energy shift, the sun's rays hits the surface of a semiconductor that is usually silicon based. This forms the basis for the production of electric current. The crystals are supported to channelize the current by wiring, and the residential solar panel setup can be assembled in series to enhance the current.

There is an array of such panels available. The most sought after one is a crystal panel made of silicon. This makes up for the third generation panels. They are highly efficient and make up for the money you have invested within 7 years of producing power. In other words, you get close to eight years of power at no cost in the life span of the panel.

Irrespective of the kind of residential solar panel you decide to use, you are most likely to fix the solar arrangement to the grid that already exists. This is so because the grid system will allow you to obtain power even if your residential device breaks down.

What is of more concern is that, legislative rules that have recently been issued has made it mandatory in quite a few places for the power company to buy more of the power that you produce. This will even benefit your investment.

Besides saving money you could also do your bit for the environment if you just decided to use residential solar panel. So switch over and be a part of the green revolution.

Autor: Robert K.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Are You Struggling to Build Your Own Solar Panel? Well it Does Not Have to Be As Hard As You Think

Wondering what a solar panel is? It is nothing but a box that has a number of solar cells. These cells are the ones that are actually responsible for the conversion of the sun's light into electric energy. Single cells are fixed into the panels. These panels contain sufficient number of cells to yield enough power and also protect the cells. The process build your own solar panel is not a complicated task and can be easily done by you.

Now is the question, how? To begin with to build a solar panel, you will first have to purchase a few solar cells. A cell of dimensions 3x6 will produce voltage close to a half Volt. 36 of such cells placed in series would produce 18 Volts which is good enough to charge batteries of 12 Volts. These cells are very delicate and so have to be coated with wax to prevent them from chipping or cracking during shipment. Before the cells are used, the wax has to be thoroughly removed.

When you build a solar panel, it is important to place the solar cells properly. A panel is nothing but a low box covered with plexiglass that accommodates the solar cells. Glass can also be used for the casing but it is more susceptible to breakage and can shatter easily due to hail stones or any other debris exposing the breakable solar cells. These cells are first soldered and then glued to a box made of wood and then connected to a power wire that is able to supply power produced to a battery, someplace it can be stored for further use.

Once you build a solar panel, it should be tested. Place them in the sun and then its ends are connected to a voltmeter. Typically, the reading should be around 3Amps and 18Volts.

See how simple it is to build your own sola panel. It is extremely cheap and environment friendly. So start building your today and begin saving.

Autor: Robert K.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

How to Turn DIY Green Energy Which You Make at Home Into a Reliable Stream of Income

These days, you don't have to plunk down thousands of dollars to have a professionally built and installed windmill or solar cells in your home to generate your own DIY green energy. There is simple DIY energy guides which detail to the letter how you can simply build your own energy tools on a budget of around just over $100 over the course of an afternoon. These dummy guides have been changing the energy landscape as more and more homeowners are beginning to generate their own DIY green energy.

The benefits include the obvious saving money on power bills, but also increasing the value of your home overall and making yourself eligible to receive energy related tax breaks. One of the best things about DIY green energy which homeowners are beginning to embrace and realize is that you can turn it into your own reliable stream of income, and here's how to do it.

Most homeowners don't realize this, but for every bit of DIY green energy which you generate but do not consume yourself can be automatically fed back into the power grid. When this happens, you are making money on every bit of that energy and your power meter will actually read backwards. So instead of your meter man coming by your house to see how much you owe each month, they'll be coming by to see how much they owe you.

This DIY green energy is exactly the same as the electricity which you receive from the power company, so it's fed back into the grid and dispersed amongst other households in your area. The government issues tax breaks to homeowners who make their own energy in the first place because this energy is much cheaper than their having to finance finite energy from the power company.

Many homeowners will or have begun setting up their solar cells and or windmills to generate large abundances of DIY green energy for them around the clock, and then leave them in place with no upkeep required on him so that they experience a constant and reliable stream of income for life. Home owners with extra land to devote to it as well as large companies line their extra property with natural energy tools and produce natural energy en masse.

The two best parts about this are one as I mentioned you don't have to tend to it and it's automated income for life after the tools are built, but also that it's entirely up to you as to how much green DIY energy which you produce as the addition of extra solar cells or windmills exponentially increases your energy output and income. Many homeowners are bringing in five figure incomes by doing this alone and supplementing their existing income.

Autor: John Wickley

If you thought in the past that creating your own DIY green energy or having a windmill or solar cells wasn't for you, that's in the past.

Take a look at how easy it is to build your own windmills and power your own home off the grid by taking a look at the best DIY energy guides out today which detail every step of the process clearly and simply so that anyone can enjoy generating their own power.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Magnetic Energy Motor - Your Source For Free Energy

How would you like the idea of having free electricity generated for you? No more huge electricity bills and no more problems. Well, every one is looking for some alternate form of energy to help them with the problem of energy deficiency. The electricity that reaches us at our homes is produced because of fuel being burnt. Now this is a non-renewable resource and we are facing excess shortage and the prices are just shooting up. Now the best way to deal with this is the Magnetic energy motor.

You must be wondering what this is all about. Well this is not like the solar power generator or the wind mill that needs an external source of power that needs to run it. The magnetic energy motor on the other hand actually produces energy from almost nothing. You can take this set up anywhere and you have free power that is accessible. Isn't that great?

If you remember anything from the high school physics book, you will know about magnets and their properties. This whole set up of the magnetic energy motor is based on this one fact that magnets have poles and like poles repel. This strong magnetic field that is created using the magnetic energy motor provides a lot of energy at hand which can be converted to electrical energy very easily.

Are you going to implement this magnetic energy motor? I am sure you are. The best way to go about this is to use a guide that will give you the right methods to go about building it. There are several such online guides that are available online. The best thing to do would be to purchase one of these and follow the instructions available. These are very valuable if you get the right one because you are going to change your complete life style and save a lot of money too.

Autor: Marvin Dunn

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Friday, November 20, 2009

How Useful is a Magnetic Energy Generator at Home?

Have you heard of the Magnetic energy generator? Well, if you haven't, you have missed something big, but you need not worry as this is what we will be discussing here. The energy needs of people are increasing if you are the head of the family you know this better than anybody else because it is you who are paying the huge electricity bills. There is no need to create that extra hole in your pocket any longer as this magnetic energy generator will be your help.

The magnetic energy generator is the best because it does not use any external source to actually produce the power. All it is based on is perpetual motion which is continuous motion and this is caused by magnets. You know magnets have a strong power to attract based on their poles. This is what is manipulated to make your device work producing the highest amounts of energy.

The question that most people as is how a magnetic energy generator is of any use to you at your home. Unless you can answer this question you will not be able to decide why you need to spend money over installing this device at home. The first thing is that you are not creating any harm to the environment in using this energy as this is completely eco-friendly and is the best solution available. Being completely free you do not have to spend much on this as the building of this set up is very easy and has minimum requirements.

The most important consideration of the magnetic energy generator is that this does not rely on any external sources for the production of energy. You no longer have to look out for sun or strong winds. This is completely independent and keeps producing energy always. You are doing yourself and your pocket a by making use of this service as all you need is a good instruction manual that will take you through the process of building the whole thing.

Autor: Marvin Dunn

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

What is Perpetual Motion Energy - How Does it Help the Present Energy Crisis?

People tend to misunderstand this concept of perpetual motion energy. There is a difference when you say that this is continuously available energy and something that is available for eternity. No one has ever built such a machine that will last a life time. By perpetual motion energy we mean that energy does not get wasted at all, but on the contrary it is converted from one form to another thereby making sure that you have all your energy needs being met.

The energy world is witnessing a rapid growth and development in the field of this perpetual motion energy and at present there are devices that are built that can provide large amounts of energy which even a complete house hold will not use. The key idea behind this is the use of magnetic force field and a generator which converts this magnetic force field into usable energy. This is now seen implemented for domestic purposes like homes but very soon, we will be able to witness this taking control of the industry arena too.

When you are using perpetual motion energy to meet all your energy needs you are actually doing good to our planet as these devices that work in converting this energy source does not pollute the environment in any way. The fuel that is the main source of energy production now will find its rest because the earth takes billions of years to get these fuels produced and we use them in seconds. Thus we are saving precious resources too.

In using these perpetual motion energy driven devices at your homes you are only creating benefits to yourself as you no longer have to pay the huge electricity bills that accumulate at the end of every month. You need to start making the change as this is what is most important.

Autor: Marvin Dunn

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Perpetual Motion Magnetic Motor - Say No to Huge Electricity Bills

With the recession overshadowing us, and the fuel prices shooting up there is the energy consumption needs of people too that are parallel rising up giving people a lot to spend for when they have not enough income coming in. I have always thought that with out the electricity bills our expenditure would have reduced so much. Now this is made possible because of the concept of perpetual motion magnetic motor that has been developed.

The power generating companies have been completely against the production of these perpetual motion magnetic motor as this is what affects their sales. But the present has seen so many of these devices that are actually being used and a lot of people are growing aware of this.

These alternate sources of energy that are being used in the production of perpetual motion magnetic motor are indeed very interesting. It is the magnetic energy that is being used and this is done because there are several scientific facts regarding the poles and their repelling or attracting nature that is utilized to create the strong magnetic field. Once this field is created this energy is then converted to usable electrical energy. Based on the energy needs of your home you can build your perpetual motion magnetic motor.

There are several do it yourself guides that are available online that will help you through the process of building this perpetual motion magnetic motor. In most cases all the material that is used to build this device is readily available in and around us. If you have an unused microwave oven you have almost everything you want as you can use the parts to make the perpetual motion magnetic motor. This is why the building is relative very easy and cheap. This way the entire process brings a complete rest to your wallet making sure that you will save enough on what you are doing.

Autor: Marvin Dunn

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Monday, November 16, 2009

How to Build the Magniwork Magnetic Energy Generator?

Are you intrigued by the Magniwork magnetic energy generator? Before you start implementing the whole thing you need to first understand what is does and how it will help you. When you actually build your Magniwork magnetic energy generator you are providing an alternate energy source for your homes make sure that you have enough energy all around the clock to meet all your needs.

The main idea is that this uses magnets and these are what provide the perpetual motion which is the fundamental working principle. Since this is the case there will be no hindrances, but you will have continuous energy supply without any break and that too completely free.

The first thing you need to do before you start of building your Magniwork magnetic energy generator is to get the instruction manual. Once you purchase it make sure you go through each and every thing that is said in that. This will give you a clear picture of what you are getting into. The next thing you need to watch out for is the ingredients that are required. You will find that most of the tools are those that are available in your tool set and the required items will be available within your unused electrical goods. If you cannot find it you can probably use the garage sales to find out if anything is available there. It is quite sure that you can find most of the things needed here.

Once you have collected all the tools and the ingredients, you are all set to work and build your Magniwork magnetic energy generator. You could watch the video presentation of how to go about this whole issue as this will help you learn more clearly about what you are getting into. This way you can make sure that you will not go wrong at all. Make sure you choose a reliable guide as this is what will provide you with the right instructions to make your Magniwork magnetic energy generator.

Autor: Marvin Dunn

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Home Solar System - Do Your Homework

You may be thinking about installing a home solar system. There are a lot of things to consider, like the cost, the benefits, and if your house is a good candidate for home solar system.

Reasons to Install Solar Energy

A solar energy system can positively affect the value of your house. According to home appraisal statistics, a home's value goes up about $20 for each dollar reduction in the yearly utility cost.

Lowering your energy bills and saving money are generally the biggest incentive to installing solar power. For someone that pays more than $75 a month for electricity, and also has a tax-deductible loan payment for the installation of their solar system, that loan payment may be less than their electric bill. An energy solar system can eventually save you about $80 a month.

Currently, the approximate cost of electricity per kilowatt-hour for a solar energy system is about the same as for the electricity provided by the local utility company. However, a home solar system has minimal maintenance costs, so installing a system now, in essence locks in today's electricity prices for the life of your system.

"Green" is good in this day and age. Energy from solar reduces your "environmental footprint".

The Earth naturally receives adequate solar energy every day to provide each house and business on the planet with energy. Solar power is clean and reliable.

Is My Home a Good Candidate for Solar Energy?

If your are convinced that solar power is the way to go, the next step is to determine if your home and its location are appropriate for it. An installer of solar energy systems will consider these five things:

1. Does enough sun fall in the region in which you live?

2. Does your house have 500 square feet of roof that gets at least 5 hours of direct sun each day?

3. Are there too many trees or other structures that would cause too much shading on the energy panels during the peak hours?

4. Is the roof structure strong enough to support the panels?

Autor: Matt Murren

DIY Solar Energy Instructions. Click Here to get the details...

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Solar Home Plans For an Energy Saving Lifestyle

Building a home to meet 21st century energy standards begins with a thought. Solar home plans help produce a physical structure from those thoughts that reflects conservation, style and an energy efficient and cost saving attitude. There are several different types of solar home plans available. Solar plans are becoming popular and can be found on various websites in cyberspace. Solar home plans include individual client preferences based on location and cost.

Individual solar home plans offer clients the opportunity to incorporate specific features in the home that make each solar for home special. Plans that have flexibility, as well as character, are the solar home plans that stand out in a neighborhood or a town. Most solar home plans include some or all of the following details:

  • A south wall that must face more than 15% off of true south
  • A tall south walls or one that has gables
  • A south porch that compliments the design
  • A wood stove or hearth that can be used as a backup system
  • Foundation plans and detailed drawings
  • Floor plans for each level with dimensions
  • Wall sections with details
  • Whole house cross-sections
  • Elevations of all sides of the house
  • Roof framing and collector details
  • Framing details for each level
  • Electrical drawings for each level
  • Construction specs and notes, window and door schedules and interior elevations
  • Fireplace and stair details

Solar or sun-inspired home designs incorporate the movement of the sun in the design, and they take the heat and the light it emits during the day into consideration when designing interior rooms. Porches are usually included as outdoor living space. The exterior design is inviting, as well as unique, in a somewhat traditional way. When a solar for home is designed effectively using quality insulation and caulking, heating and cooling costs can be reduced by over 70%. Construction costs may be 10% higher than a standard home, but the overall energy savings, plus the tax incentives offered, quickly negate that expense.

Autor: Matt Murren

DIY Solar Energy Instructions. Click Here to get the details...

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Solar Energy For Home Use

Tapping into solar energy for home use represents big environmental savings, but is it for you? Check out your options before you decide.

Simple Solutions

Your options encompass much more than large panels bolted to the side of your home. With just a few dollars and an hour of time, you can install lighting around your house that run off of solar power.

From heating water to charging devices, solar energy can offset your electricity consumption and electricity waste. If you don't have the funds to invest in a home solar-electric system (despite government incentives), you still have ways to harvest energy from the sun.

Solar-Electric Systems

If you can invest in photovoltaic panels, you have options, too.

UI set-ups tie your home to the electric wiring that comes and goes to the power company. When your home panels create energy, it goes to the electric company and offsets your energy use. Sometimes you make more than you use, and they credit your account or pay you for the difference.

With a UI system, you have the same experience as you do without solar panels. You work with the electric company and if there's an outage, you lose your power just like your non-solar sporting neighbors. This is where a UI system with a generator comes into play. Just like any home with a generator, the backup source of electricity keeps your house humming when the power company's down and out.

Going "off-grid" means no connection to the electric company. Your solar panels create electricity that gets wired straight into your home. With this option, you have to make a few changes to maximize your electricity.

When considering whether or not to invest in solar energy solutions, remember to keep all your options in mind. You don't need a small fortune, or tons of technical know-how. You don't have to give up modern conveniences to tap the power of the sun.

Autor: Matt Murren

DIY Solar Energy Instructions. Click Here to get the details...

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