Saturday, February 28, 2009

Do it Yourself Solar Power - Build Your Own For Less Than 200

Do it yourself solar power is a smart answer to the high cost of purchasing a solar panel system. But, can it really be done by the average home owner? Absolutely, yes! The commercial builders would have you believe it is very complicated and very expensive to build a system. This just isn't true.

Solar power is the alternative energy choice for many homeowners. As soon as it is discovered that it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to build a system for a home, it is often discarded as a non viable option. DIY solar power often isn't even considered. The electric companies continue to receive their high prices.

What if I told you that you could not only have cheap and easy electricity, but that you could have do it yourself solar power that will rival any commercial system that you can find. Sounds too good to be true?

There are thousands of people around the world who have already realized this and have done it themselves. These aren't electrical engineers. They are average people, just like you, who have realized that there is a better way. The cost of solar power doesn't need to prevent you from having a quality system.

The easiest way is to purchase a manual with detailed and illustrated instructions. There are several on the market today. They truly make the process a simple, but fulfilling project. You can have a working solar panel in a short weekend, producing your own electricity. Do it yourself solar power is definitely the way to go.

Autor: Karen Carlisle

See for a detailed list and review of the manuals available. You will have your own solar panel system up and running in no time at all!

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Negatives of Solar Energy

These days green is the new black! That's right everyone across the United States are discovering new ways to save the planet by creating cars that release less toxic fumes, making new things from recycled materials, and by powering our homes in new ways. One of the more popular methods to living 'green' is through the use of solar power.

Solar energy has the ability to give us cheaper if not free electricity to our homes through the use of solar panels. However, before you jump on the band wagon and go out and try to start this new power trip there are a few things you should know. There are some people who believe there are many negatives to solar power.

Many people believe that thermal solar energy has many health risks when it is used to heat water and the air in their homes. This can happen when it has not been set up properly or the manufacturer made errors when producing it.

Majority of solar water heaters were built to do three things. Give people hot water, obtain sunlight and convert it into heat energy, and to circulate the fluids that can transport heat energy to the storage system as well as store hot water till someone needs it.

If it is unable to store the water properly it can cause fungus and molds to grow making anyone who drinks or uses the water sick. To make sure that this does not happen you can make sure that the units used to store the water have been built from materials that are made to prevent this.

PV solar energy also as health risks that you need to be careful of. PV (photo-voltaic) panels require millions of silicon dioxide in order to be used. That number is lowered when they are exposed to heat. The materials that are released during the refining process will increase the rate of toxicity and can affect your health. This is one of the more serious negatives of solar energy that is responsible for eleven to twenty one deaths per each quadrillion joules of energy that are created.

But do not let this deter you completely. Study up on the different types of solar panels and the negatives as well as the positives. You might find that they are worth it in the end.

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There are Solar Energy Benefits and Solar Energy Negatives that people will consider before they make a decision to install it. Learning how Solar Energy is Harnessed will help you to understand how it works.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Energy4Green Reviews

After learning about the Energy4Green system and reading all the benefits that it can potentially provide me with, I decided to try it out for myself and purchased it. The owner of Energy 4 Green claims that this instructional guide is so simple to understand that anyone, with or without experience, will be able to build the systems with no problems.

1. How Was Energy4Freen Developed

It started out as a test by high school students who were using it for their university engineering project. They soon discovered that even students with absolutely no experience are able to build their own solar panels and wind turbines without getting any help. Best of all, the entire system does not cost more than $200 to assemble.

2. What is the Advantage of Using Energy4Green over a Retail System?

The good thing about building your own systems is that it is much more affordable to do so. This ensures that you will make your money back more quickly. When you choose to buy one at retail price that can cost between $3,000 to $10,000, it obviously becomes a much more expensive investment that can take you a very long time to recover.

By using the Energy4Green Systems, you will find yourself saving more and more on your power bills every month. Not only that, you will also be contributing to environmental conversation by not releasing harmful carbon gases into our atmosphere.

3. What is Inside the Energy4Green System?

It contains step by step instructions, diagrams and schematics that show you how to build your solar panels and windmills. There is also a checklist of items and materials that you will learn where to find before you can start constructing.

Autor: Gary Ashby

Is Energy4Green a scam? Visit to read a FREE report about this Wind and Solar Power System to find out the truth before you buy Energy4Green!

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Monday, February 23, 2009

How to Benefit From Solar Energy

Unless you leave at a place where you have no chance to enjoy the sunshine, else you can really benefit from the sun. One of the key benefits of the sun which currently getting a lot focus from the world is the solar energy, an alternative and environment friendly energy source, and it is a renewable and clean energy of the future. If you leave at a place where you can find sunshine, the only question now is how you could benefit from the sun.

One of the industry buzzwords we have all been hearing very frequently is about the issue of "peak oil", which stated that the world's oil supplies are in decline and soon will be run out faster than initially projected. We will need an alternative energy source to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and solar energy meets this goal as this type of energy is renewable, there is no worry about it's going to run out one day unless the sun disappear from the earth, which is nearly impossible. Moreover, if we convert to use solar energy at our home, the key benefit that we are going to see is cost saving in term of electric bill. Besides, we are helping to save the planet by converting to an environment friendly energy source.

In today's economy hard time, more and more people are searching for reasonable and responsible ways to reduce electric bills at their home. As technology improved and the price of setting up a solar power system has been dramatically reduced, it has become an option for many households to switch their energy source to this environment friendly and cost effective energy source. Although the cost of installing the solar energy system may be high initially, but with the enhancement of technology, the set up cost had been reduced dramatically. Moreover, the installation cost can be recovered from a few month savings of electric bills, and after the installation cost being recovered, you will enjoy the real saving in your electric bills.

Commercial setup kit may cost you about $3,000 to $4,000 to generate the basic solar energy to power your home; but if you want to minimize the setup cost, there are many DIY solar power system guides available which you can use one of them to build one by yourself in just $200 to $300. In fact, self-installation of the system is not as difficult as many people of, if you manage of get a good solar power DIY guide, everyone is capable to build their home-made solar power system from materials that are easily found in local hardware shops.


Solar energy is an alternative energy source to reduce our reliance on energy generated by fossil fuels and you could benefit from solar energy in term cost saving in electric bills and save the environment with this clean and renewable energy. Hence, if you are leaving at a place where you can find sunshine, you should consider of using solar energy to power your home.

Autor: Dave Stilman

Dave Stilman, the author warns you not to buy any of Renewable Home Energy Guide without reading the important review at

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Install A Solar Power Generator System - It Works - Period!

Why is it considered by many household owners as revolutionary? Simply because "Install Solar Power Generator" System enables us for the first time to say goodbye to these irritating and expensive electricity-bills. Surprisingly (or not), this technique provides an excellent quick return-on-investment that is in average measured by weeks. Follow this report in order to learn more about the benefits that it provides.


If you want to have such "Install Solar Power Generator" System all you need to do is following one of these 'secret' guides available on the Web that can teach you how to professionally assemble Solar-Panels. Some guides can be really useful while others miss their target; check whether it offers the following: clear information, detailed diagrams, video tutorials, and technical support. In any case, here are some key-advantages and tips that can help you out.

Important advantages

This solution undoubtedly provides several key-benefits:

* Made of simple parts/tools found at any local hardware store.

* Uses Wind-Power as a backup when having long periods of cloudy days.

* Helps our nation on becoming less dependent on external oil suppliers.

* Powers up basically any appliance at home: fridge, washing machine, computer, TVs, lights and more.

* Enables us to get an extra income by quickly providing such sys. for others.


Using a printed guidebook isn't recommended - technology keeps changing and online guides usually get auto-updated with the latest information.

Summarizing this article

It isn't just about saving thousands each year; this powerful "Install Solar Power Generator" System enables us to preserve our planet. There are probably many other advantages provided by this unique 'machine', simply because as individuals we no longer need to depend on the authorities to supply these needs. It is highly recommended to evaluate it so you could explore the various advantages that it provides.

Autor: Jason Gilford

Learn how "Install Solar Power Generator" System easily enables you to produce free and unlimited electricity in just few days.


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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Living Off the Grid Home System - Amazing Invention!

There is no doubt, it is revolutionary! - "Living Off The Grid Home" System enables you for the first time to produce your own power-supply without being dependent any more on your Power-Company. Very quickly you'll find out that this technique provides quick results almost instantly. Read this article right now and discover more about how we can all benefit from it.

Quick overview

Buying such ready-made "Living Off The Grid Home" System can be quite expensive, fortunately it is now possible to assemble Solar-Panels on your own by following one of these 'secret' guides. Although many of these guides offer the same thing, it is necessary to choose the right one; make sure it uses simple english without being too much 'techi', also, does it offer video tutorials, illustrations, and tech support? This way or another, here are several tips & benefits that can help you to know a little more about this topic.

Main advantages

By using this highly effective solution we benefit from the following:

* Uses Wind-Power as a backup when having long periods of cloudy days.

* Saves hundreds month-after-month.

* Increases the value of your home by thousands.

* Rely only on your own energy-resources and not the ones supplied by governments or corporations.

* Enables us to get an extra income by quickly providing such sys. for others.

Quick tip

Make sure that there aren't any unnecessary objects/obstacles that may be blocking sunlight to your unit; otherwise it may lose its efficiency.

Summarizing this article

If you truly want to cut down your elect. expenses by 80%, no doubt that "Living Off The Grid Home" System is one of these solutions that should be seriously considered. One thing is clear - there are many other pluses provided by this one-of-a-kind 'machine', simply because it is about to change the entire industry forever. It is time for an action, so at this point it is highly recommended to test it so you could instantly explore the wide range of benefits that it provides.

Autor: Jason Gilford

Learn how "Living Off The Grid Home" System easily enables you to produce free and unlimited electricity in just few days.


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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Alternate Electric Source

Would you like to learn how you can start using alternate electric source to run your own home? Many people are using clean renewable energy systems to run their home today. They are a great alternative to the traditional electricity provided by the grid and they can significantly reduce a household's power bills by up to 80% or more. Best of all, these systems are very cheap to build, they require very little maintenance and you can possibly get up to 75% rebate on the cost of the home based power system.

1. Why Use Solar Alternative Electric Source System?

Solar power is great for houses that are exposed to the sun during the day. In fact, solar energy is one of the easiest and cheapest forms of renewable energy to harness. They contribute to lower air pollution and a cleaner environment around us. If you want to build a homemade solar power system, you should also install a battery emergency power supply to prepare for power outages.

By using home based energy systems, some states like California will give you a rebate on the installation purchase. Moreover, you may also be able to create a situation called net metering whereby your system creates excessive electricity and it gets sold back to the power company for your own profit.

2. Introduction to a Solar Alternate Electric Source System

They utilize multiple photovoltaic solar panels placed on top of roofs to capture the sun's energy during the day. Electrons inside the solar panels create DC electric power that needs to be converted into AC electricity by the inverter inside the system, since household appliances run on AC power. The excess electricity created can be stored inside batteries to be used when there is no sunlight, like during the night.

Autor: Gary Ashby

Are you looking to build Alternate Electric Source system for your home? Download the Best Step-By-Step Home Energy Guides at first!

The author has managed to reduce his energy bill by more than 80% by building his own renewable home energy system. Check out his website above to find out how to do it!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Energy 4 Green Review

Are you thinking about building your own homemade power system with the Energy 4 Green guide, but you are still unsure of whether it is legitimate or not? It seems like a deal too good to be true at first glance. The fact that you are able to save 80% of bills per month by simply building a $200 or below system seemed really good. Eventually, I purchased Energy4Green to try it out and see if it really works. I will talk more about what I managed to do with the Energy4Green package inside this article.

1. How is Energy4Green Different from Other Renewable Energy Systems Building Guides on the Internet?

Before I purchased this guide, I had already read several other e-books that were supposed to help me build my own solar panels and windmill. They did not work because I found the instructions to be very vague and that some of the systems built could not work at all.

Luckily, I found the schematics and diagrams to be very clearly illustrated inside Energy4Green and the instructions are very easy to follow. Most importantly, I was able to get the systems working and I am very pleased with the whole Energy4Green system.

2. What I Have Learned from Energy4Green

I learned to start my own DIY project and managed to build my own windmills and solar panels systems. There are also many other energy saving tips I have learned inside the guide. You will also learn many other things like how to connect the system to your power company's electricity supply and how to store excessively produced electricity for future use.

Autor: Gary Ashby

Is Energy 4 Green a scam? Visit to read a FREE report about this Wind and Solar Power System to find out the truth before you buy Energy 4 Green!

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Secret Alternative Energy Guide

Want to know the secret about alternative energy? There are many professionally made renewable power systems available for purchase at retail prices today, but they are extremely costly and can go up to $10,000. Alternatively, you can choose to build your own windmills and solar panels system for less than $200.

1. My Experience with Building Alternative Energy Systems at Home

I have always been interested in alternative energy technology, and I am very glad that I am able to run my house with homemade electricity now. I recommend building your own homemade energy system as it is much more affordable as an investment and you do not need to wait a long time to recover your investment.

2. Does Secret Alternative Energy Systems Really Exist, or Are They Just Fantasy?

Many people are still skeptical and think that this concept is all too good to be true. If you are skeptical but you still want to generate your own electricity, I highly recommend you to build your own homemade power system too like I have done. It has been very rewarding and I am glad that I tried it out.

3. How to Download the Right DIY Alternative Energy System Construction Guide?

Downloading a workable and easy to follow DIY guide is not easy from my own experience. There are many poorly written blueprints and diagrams on the web, so you really need to do your research carefully before making any purchase decisions.

4. Making your Own Alternative Energy and Electricity Systems

Thousands of people have already eliminated their own home electricity bills with the free energy system that they learned how to build with a step-by-step guide online. You can find out more about how to build this homemade power system at the website link below.

Autor: Gary Ashby

Want to download Secret Alternative Energy Guide? Download the Best Step-By-Step Home Energy Guides at first!

The author has managed to reduce his energy bill by more than 80% by building his own renewable home energy system. Check out his website above to find out how to do it!

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

5 Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bills

Electric bill is one of the most expensive utilities for many households. In today's bad economy situation, more and more people are trying to find way to reduce their expenses, and electric bill is among the important bills to be reduced. There are a few very effective ways to cut down your electric bills significantly. You can always start with simple ways to enjoy immediate electric bill savings while working out for long term plan to convert your home energy source to cost effective energy alternative.

Here are the 5 simple ways to reduce your electric bills:

1. Use Efficient Compact Florescent Bulbs

The most instant electric bill savings is changing your home's old fashioned light bulbs with efficient compact florescent bulbs. With a few dollars spending to buy those bulbs that are designed for energy efficiency, you can significantly reduce your monthly electric bill. Those efficient compact bulbs just use a fraction of the energy than what traditional light bulbs are used; they can last 10 times longer and enabling you to save money that is needed to replace bulbs.

2. Reduce The Energy Waste Of Your Heater

Do you know one of the major electric consumption home appliances is heater? If you want to reduce your electric bill significantly, then you must do something with your heater to prevent the waste of energy. What you need to do is to check the temperature setting of your heater. Normally it will be set at above 120 degree mark to stay away from potential harmful bacteria. In fact, you don't need to set at the degree high than 120 to waste energy. If your heater is set at higher degree than 120, then re-set the setting to 120 degree will helps you to save your electric bill.

3. Set Air Condition At The Right Temperature

If you do use air condition to cool down the air temperature of your home during summer time, then don't set the air condition's temperature too low to waste energy. Statistics show that 20 to 25 degree of temperature should be comfortable for most people. Although setting the temperature below 20 degree will give you more cooling feeling, but it will also mean more energy will be used and you will need to pay more electric bill at the end. So, set the air condition at the right temperature will help you to save your electric bill.

4. Switch Off Un-used Electric Appliances & Computer and Lights

Most people will let their room light on even they are not at the room; they turn off their computer without switching off the main switch and let other electric appliances to be at the standby mode for ease of uses. But these practices waste more energy and cause you need to pay more electric bills. You should switch them off if you do not want to use them so that you pay less in your electric bill.

5. Convert To Solar Energy Source

For long term purpose, converting your home energy to be powered by solar energy system will help to reduce your electric bills significantly. Although it might be a little bit costly to install a solar power system, but for long term, it still the most cost efficient energy source that will save your electric bill significantly.

Autor: Dave Stilman

Dave Stilman, the author warns you not to buy any of Renewable Home Energy Guide without reading the important review at

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Alternate Home Power

Do you want to create your own homemade alternate home power systems to generate your own electricity? This can now be done easily for a cost of less than $200. Because the prices of coal, oil and gas are expected to go up in the near future, more people are looking for ways to generate alternate home power to get away from expensive energy bills.

Why Not Buy Ready Made Renewable Systems at Retail Price?

There are retail renewable home power systems available for purchase, but I do not recommend those as they are very expensive and will take several years for you to recover your initial investment.

What are the Best Forms of Alternate Home Power?

1. Alternative Home Power Source #1: Solar Energy

The Earth receives a lot of sunlight every day, and this sun's energy can actually be captured and used to generate electricity. It is the most powerful alternative power source that can be harnessed with solar panels. Harnessing solar power for home use is much easier than doing it commercially due to lower costs.

Making your own solar cells is easy with the right plans and blueprints. The materials required are simple and easy to find like copper wire, plywood and Perspex. If the sunlight around your house is very strong, you can easily get rid of all your bills and even profit from excess electricity generated.

2. Alternate Home Power Source #2: Wind Energy

Wind can be harnessed by building wind mills. They can typically produce enough electricity to cover up to 40% of electric consumption for a residential home.

Autor: Gary Ashby

Do you want to learn how to generate Alternate Home Power? Download the Best Step-By-Step Home Energy Guides at first!

The author has managed to reduce his energy bill by more than 80% by building his own renewable home energy system. Check out his website above to find out how to do it!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eliminate Electric Bills

Do you want to learn how to eliminate electric bill by building your own renewable energy system? I was determined to find a way to eliminate electric bill a couple of months back and eventually came across online guides that taught me how to build my own homemade electricity systems.

Now these systems have helped me greatly reduce my power bills, and I would highly recommend all homeowners to start using homemade energy today.

1. Download Eliminate Electric Bill Guides

These guides are available for download on the internet that teach you how to build your own wind turbines and solar panels. People who use them have testified that their electric bills have dropped by 50% and above, with some completely eliminating their electric bill. Another good reason to start building your own energy systems is because electricity prices are expected to increase as supplies of fossil fuels drop.

2. Why Eliminate Electric Bill by Building Renewable Energy System?

By doing so, users will be able to save more than thousands of dollars in power bills every year. If the systems generate excessive electricity, it is also possible for users to profit as they can sell back the excess to the grid company. At the same time, it reduces pollution to the environment as wind and solar power are very clean to harness and does not produce carbon waste into the air.

3. Other Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bills

You should try other alternatives like replacing your light bulbs with energy efficient fluorescent bulbs that use less power. Also, always remember to turn off the power switches in rooms that you do not use. The biggest power consumers are the electronic devices like television sets and computers.

Autor: Gary Ashby

Are you looking to Eliminate Electric Bill? Download the Best Step-By-Step Home Energy Guides at first!

The author has managed to reduce his energy bill by more than 80% by building his own renewable home energy system. Check out his website above to find out how to do it!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Homemade Wind Turbine - Make Your Own Free Energy

Having your own renewable energy source has become highly sought after. A homemade wind turbine can fit the bill for most any home. You can have a cheap system without depending on the wind turbine manufacturers. The cost of a commercial system can run into the tens of thousands.

First, determine if wind power suits your location. Do a little research to make sure you live in an area that will receive enough wind to power your system. Your homemade wind turbine will be so inexpensive to produce that you won't need a significant amount of power produced to see a return on your investment.

If you live in an area that receives enough wind, you can then prepare to make your own small wind turbines. These are perfect for most any location. Whether you live in an apartment, a residential area or a large farm. They can fit in perfectly and will produce your own cheap wind power.

You can easily produce a small wind turbine for $100-$200. They use very easy to find parts and go together simply. Many arts can actually be found free of charge. You can supplement your wind power with solar power, as well. this is a great way to have backup power.

This can be done easily by anyone. You don't need an electrical or mechanical engineering degree to do this. There are several great manuals on the market that will show you step by step with illustrated instructions, how to have your own homemade wind turbine.

Autor: Karen Carlisle

See to find a list of resources and reviews of the homemade wind turbine manuals available. You will be on your way to energy independence in no time at all.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Residential Wind Turbine - Can I Have One at My House?

A residential wind turbine is the perfect renewable energy source for many households. Free wind power from home wind turbines allow you to use a cheap source (not the expensive electric company) for your electricity needs.

Many people, when they begin to research wind power, think it is a very complicated and expensive way of having alternative energy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You can build a wind turbine with very little time, money or knowledge.

I know, I know, that isn't what the big commercial companies tell you. But, it is what thousands of people around the world already know. They have done it. Many have also built solar panels for backup.

A residential wind turbine can easily fit in any home, whether it is a large house or a small apartment. You can place them on your roof, in your yard or even on a balcony or patio. They are truly a great energy solution.

With a wind generator, you can:

  • Have free renewable energy
  • Greatly reduce or eliminate your dependence on the electric company
  • Decrease your monthly expenses
  • You can receive tax credits for alternative energy
  • You can sell excess energy that you create back to the electric company

There are many great manuals on the market today showing homeowners how to accomplish this for themselves. Anyone can do it just by following simple and illustrated instructions.

So, if you are interested in a residential wind turbine, you can have a system with simple parts, less than $200 and easy instructions. You can even find the batteries to store your energy for free.

Autor: Karen Carlisle

See to find a list of resources and reviews of the homemade wind turbine manuals available. You will be on your way to energy independence in no time at all.

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Living in a Solar Powered Home - Examine the Benefits of Solar Power For Yourself

We are all aware that having a solar power home is a highly effective choice to make. We have heard of, and there are rather a lot of them, the many benefits of having solar power at home yet we are unable to agree why we can't convert this alternative type of power source to become our primary one. However in spite of the advantages, solar energy has still to totally come through into the mainstream. It would at this point be prudent to talk about a few advantages of solar power and try to ascertain why we keep returning to fossil fuels as our primary energy resource.

Ultimately, solar energy saves money. Set-up costs and initial functions may be costlier than other energy forms, but after settling those expenses, you have an energy resource that is free and potentially limitless. Nobody bills monthly for using sunlight, right? The return of investment can also be quicker, depending upon your energy consumption. You will also spend very little on maintenance either plus those photovoltaic cells will last for 15 to 20 years. There are zero mechanical parts to oil and maintain nor are there parts that require replacing on a regular basis.

Naturally solar energy is environmental friendly. It's also renewable unlike fossil-burning fuels which according to recent studies will perish in four to five decades. The technique of converting energy to functional electrical energy doesn't require the release of harmful chemicals which will harm the environment. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide, lead, and mercury discharges will become an historic memory when everybody converts solar energy, or other renewable energy resource. Entrusting the sun for power is a safe bet and will likewise assist with the reduction of global warming.

Apart from the toxic industrial waste and other pollutants, employing solar energy can confine other facets of the power industry, such as the health hazards of working with and transporting oil or natural gas. Also, other health hazards are present in the usage of other fuels such as kerosene and candles which are still common in third world countries. With solar power, these risks will be reduced if not totally extinguished.

The use of solar panels is likewise beneficial for remote regions where offering standard electricity services is difficult if not entirely out of the question at all. Solar power may be transferred to faraway settlements and upon completion of installation can be left for a long time with little or no maintenance. Residential areas in Asian nations have successfully set up solar panels in their residential districts, and have been savouring the benefits of uncontaminated and dependable energy for years.

For a third world country, developing electrical energy via solar power will signify self-reliance from oil producing countries who dominate the supply and price of oil. With so much self-reliance, current policies concerning energy will be created that will maximize the benefit for its population. With this brand-new discovered independence, countries can invest its domestic budget on other programs apart from buying oil from monopolizing, foreign sources.

There are no serious or obvious disadvantages to having a solar power home. Considering it in the long run, you will obviously note that the many benefits of solar power greatly outweigh any disadvantages.Also, with the latest developments in the subject area of science and environmental technology, solar energy is becoming increasingly handy and it wouldn't be surprising to discovery solar power becoming the primary source of energy in the very near future...after all what other options do we have!

Autor: Michael J Mckay

Get paid to convert your home to a Solar Power Home. All you have to do is Click Here to realise how easy this is to achieve!.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Converting to a Solar Power Home From an Environmentally Damaging Home is Easy When You Know How!

We all are aware that the globes non-renewable natural resources are limited. Similarly, they are being depleted at an alarmingly enhanced rate. At this rate of depletion there will be little left over for our succeeding generations to utilize. Consequently, to conserve a few of these limited natural resources we had better not just curb our consumption of them, yet also supplant them with the resources that are inexhaustible.

One way of managing this is to create our own solar power home. The sun's energy comprises of unprocessed and infinite matter. Consequently, the most beneficial plan of action would be to utilize this as our energy needs increase, thus using much less of our valuable natural resources . This will not only reduce our day-to-day electrical energy costs, but also lower pollution from the environment.

All those who consider using solar power at home is a complex issue, should simply check on Google to see that it is actually quite the opposite. Whilst at the start it involves making a few simple arrangements to replace your current fossil fuel-burning heating resources that are vulnerable to depletion, to the inexhaustible energy of the sun, the transformation is actually quite simple.

Employing a conversion from your current energy-sapping set-up to a clean and efficient solar power home may be done with the assistance of solar power kits as well. These are simple to handle with very basic operating instructions attached to the package. All you are required to do is study and follow them as directed.

Autor: Michael J Mckay

Get paid to convert your home to a Solar Power Home. All you have to do is Click Here to realise how easy this is to achieve!

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

12 Ways to Make Your House More Environmentally Friendly

Making your house more environmentally friendly may sound like a daunting task, yet the small efforts you do at home every day can add up in terms of saved energy and money. The following is a list of twelve (12) simple tips for making your house an eco-friendlier and healthier place to live.

  • Lighten up on your lights. Compact fluorescent bulbs utilize approximately 25% the energy of their regular bulb counterparts. In layman's terms, if every American household changed just one bulb, the emissions savings would be comparable to removing 3 million motor vehicles from the road for an entire year. Fluorescent bulbs cost more but last 10 times longer. With fluorescent bulbs you can save up to $50 in electricity per light over their lifetime. Because they contain minute amounts of mercury, check with your local waste authority about proper disposal. To save even more money on lighting, install timers and dimmer switches. Turn off lights when leaving a room. Use solar-powered lighting in your patio or back yard.
  • Get rid of energy leeches. About 40 percent of the total energy used to run home electronics is used up when the items are not even turned on. Energy can be consumed through the cords of plug-in items such as cell phone chargers, computers, toasters, and other electric items. Be sure to unplug appliances when not in use and put your computer and monitor in the sleep mode since they consume about 95% less energy than those running on full power.
  • Become "Star" Struck. A joint venture program between the Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Energy Star helps you save money and protect the environment through energy-saving products and practices. Thanks to Energy Star, Americans saved $14 billion on their energy bills in 2006 while avoiding greenhouse gas emissions tantamount to those coming from 25 million motor vehicles. When you go shopping, look for items bearing the Energy Star label that says "Exceeds government efficiency standards by using less water or electricity."
  • Load up the refrigerator. Refrigerators consume the most energy in the house. However, a filled-to-the-limit refrigerator saves you money because it stays colder and operates more efficiently. To maximize the efficiency, set the thermostat of the refrigerator at 37 degrees and the freezer at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Turn up the heat. By reducing your thermostat 2 degrees during winter and raising it 3 degrees during summer, you will prevent the annual emission of about 700 pounds of carbon monoxide. In addition, every degree lowered during the winter month saves you 5% on your utility bill.
  • Lose the drippy faucet. Just one drop of water per second from a leaky faucet can expend about 160 gallons of water every month. To save money in the bathroom, consider installing water-efficient showerheads. A family of four can shave water usage by nearly 275 gallons per month by changing to the low-flow models.
  • Keep an eye out for your water temperature. Electric water heaters manufactured after 2004 have tons of insulation. On any model before that, wrap the water heater with insulating blankets. By doing this, you save 10% on your water bill annually. Using cold water to wash your dirty clothes saves you about half the energy needed when washing in hot. Also, setting your dryer on the moisture sensor and not the timer, will further reduce energy consumption by 15%.
  • Recycle. This is perhaps the easiest tip you can do to help improve the environment yet a quarter of us do not recycle. When shopping, look for products whose labels show that the product was made from recyclable materials. Reuse paper grocery bags by loading them up with old newspapers and use the plastic ones to dispose of trash or clean up your pet's feces.
  • Make your own fertilizer. Food scraps and yard waste make up to 30% of household garbage. Compost bins can convert that garbage into usable fertilizer for your garden and plants.
  • Stop junk mail. You can reduce the amount of junk mail filling up your mailbox by simply registering with the Direct Marketing Association's Mail Preference Service. You can also write to the sending company directly and request them to remove you from their mailing list.
  • Throw away old batteries properly. Do NOT throw away old batteries in the trash. They can leak toxins into the ground. Instead, drop them off at a Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation site.
  • Heed paint warnings. One of the top 5 hazards to human health, according to the EPA, is indoor air. Indoor air is three times more polluted than outdoor air. Paints and finishes are among the leading contributors to polluted indoor air because they emit volatile organic compounds (VOC) similar to the kind found in nail polish and gasoline. If you plan to paint your home, shop for low-VOC, zero-VOC, and natural paints at your local Home Depot or Lowe's.

Protecting the earth for the enjoyment of our children and their children is an everyday commitment that requires everybody's participation. By utilizing these tips, you will reduce your electric, water, and heating bill and put more money into your pocket. Your progeny will thank you for making their world a safe and healthy one.

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Fabiola Castillo is an online marketer for the website NinjaCOPS SuperStore. This virtual store sells not only personal defense items but also nutrition products such as weight loss plans, energy supplements, marine coral calcium, heart health supplements, and fat loss supplements.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Build Your Own Wind Turbine - Easily Slash Your Electric Bill

Did you know that you can very easily and cheaply build your own wind turbine? Thousands of people around the world are doing just that.

Electricity and energy prices are out of control, jobs are being squeezed and money is tight. Many have decided that now is the time to become more self sufficient and be responsible for a cleaner earth. Nice idea, but what can be done?

Renewable energy is the perfect option. That is until you start to look at commercial systems and realize they are ridiculously expensive. A vertical wind turbine can easily cost $30,000 and needs tons of space to be effective.

Well, what you aren't being told is that you can build your own wind turbine for less than $200... possibly even less than $50 with reclaimed parts. Batteries for storing all of that created energy can be found easily for free. And even better, it doesn't require any special knowledge or skills. They are very easy to put together.

You can purchase a book on wind power and have a working system up quickly.

  • No more dependence on the electric company supply.
  • No more increases in electricity prices.
  • No more power outages.
  • Clean energy for a very reduced price (or even free).
  • Tax credits for alternative energy.

There are many different books on the market today. They show you step by step with illustrated instructions how to have a cost saving energy system. Now, anyone can have their own green, renewable energy source. You can build your own wind turbine and be on the road to energy self sufficiency in no time at all!

Autor: Karen Carlisle

See for a list of books and a review of the top ones on the market. You can build your own wind turbine!

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Go Green and Find Out What is Eating Your Electricity

Did you know that a vampire dwells in your beloved home? We are talking about the electricity waste that makes your bills higher and higher. The so-called phantom load is the reason why your bills are a nightmare. Almost 75% of the electricity you pay for is used when your home electronics are turned off. The solution? Unplug all of your small appliances when you are not using them. Do you leave your toaster oven plugged into the wall? The toaster oven is still pulling power from the wall regardless of whether it is in use or not.

Try equipping your commonly used outlets with power strips. Plug your appliances into the power strip and when they are not in use, turn off the power strip in one simple turn of the switch. A power strip costs on average $20. A small investment at the start, this energy friendly tool will save you money in the long run. Plug your computer and accessories, i.e. printers, monitors, speakers and hard drives into a power strip. Turn the power strip off when your computer is not in use to save on your electricity bill. A computer is one of the top energy users among household appliances, and fortunately can be turned off, unlike a refrigerator. Also note that older appliances like analog televisions tend to use more energy.

If you want to be more aggressive as you begin your foray into energy efficiency, consider bolder ways to save and change your lifestyle for the better. Buy a windmill, or build one yourself to provide your home with free energy. The Internet is an excellent resource for available guidelines that can show you step by step how to build a windmill without having to spend a fortune on one. Solar power is another option to provide your home with free energy. The Internet is full of useful guidelines that can show you the right way to build and install the solar panels. Saving energy is not only valuable for our planet, but for your wallet too. With the New Year ringing in, consider including energy efficiency in your home to your list of resolutions. Start small by unplugging electronics that are not in use and build from there.

Autor: Amelia Yap

Amelia Yap is a mother who is very conscious about global warming and the future or our environment. She has made it her mission to educate others to go green, reduce their carbon foot print, and help save our environment.

You can download her FREE report, "27 Ways to Go Green and See Green" to see how easy it is to go green and save money along the way.

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