Saturday, January 17, 2009

Top 3 Facts That Wind Power Can Save You Money

People who have installed wind turbines to harness the not so elusive wind power are sitting pretty under the turbines tilting and whirling. We have always known that reusable sources of energy are the way to go as the cost of fossil fuels continues to fluctuate. These are the top 3 facts that wind power can save you money.

Fact One: The popular energy source of burning of fossil fuels adds pollutants to the air. Not only do these pollutants affect our air quality, they also in turn affect our health. Wind power offsets these pollutant numbers, lowering our trips to the doctor's office for respiratory related illnesses, therefore wind power does not affect air quality, thus reducing of our medical bills.

Fact Two: Another important fact of how wind power can save you money is related to the not so popular word "tax". When you install a wind turbine, you inadvertently add the word "credit" to the dreaded "tax" word. Congress continues to extend the tax credit associated with wind power putting money back into your pocket.

Fact three: The final and most amazing fact is the huge and proven potential of lowering our electric bills and this can be by as much as 50 percent. If you install you own wind powered turbine on your property not only will pay less on your electric bill, there is a very good chance you will end up getting a check back from the utility companies that provide your electricity at present. How is that for saving money?

Autor: Devon Robinson

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Added: January 17, 2009