Monday, June 1, 2009

Home Made Wind Power Generator - 5 Simple Steps to Generate Your Own Electricity Using Wind Power

It is not that hard to build your own home made wind power generator. If you look around the neighborhood, you will notice that there have been an increasing number of homes that have their own wind power generator. Why is it that a lot of families now prefer this renewable source of energy?

Firstly, it doesn't cost much to build one and you can eliminate your electricity bills by about 80%. You certainly can save a lot of money on monthly bills every month. The best part is that you can also be paid by your power company if you produce excess energy. Talk about savings and income opportunity! Secondly, the energy that you produce from your home made wind power generator is totally clean and doesn't produce any harmful after effects. A cleaner environment means a healthier living conditions for you and your family.

Now lets get into how you can construct your wind power generator. It takes 5 simple steps to make one.

1. Suitable Location

Before you start building your generator, you need to find a suitable location. The location you choose should not have any trees, building or obstacles blocking the wind currents to the generator. It should also preferably be on a flat hilltop because wind power increases with height. More wind power means more energy for your home and this will help prevent your house from running out of power. Not to worry if you cannot find the perfect location. You will need a back up source of power which will be covered below.

2. Place to Mount

Once you have found a suitable location, you need to decide where you want to mount your home made wind power generator. You can either mount it on your rooftop or on a tall mast some distance away from your house. Do take note that you might need to seek permission from the relevant authorities before mounting your generator.

3. Size of Turbine

Now you need to determine the size of turbine that you need to power your house. For normal household appliances, you would need at least a system of 600 watts. For the whole household you certainly need a higher watt turbine. The recommended size is at least a 1000 watts or more system. This is to ensure that your home will be powered efficiently.

4. Back Up Source of Power

Just in case the wind current suddenly subsides or your home made wind power generator stops working, you need to have a backup source of power. There are 2 choices available as your back up power. One is to build another renewable source of energy like a solar power system. The solar power system uses solar panels to take in radiation from the sunlight and convert it into energy.

The other alternative is to check with your power company whether they an have an on-grid and off-grid application installed in your home. If they have the applications installed, then you do not need to worry. This is because the power company will supply you with power if your wind power generator stops working.

5. Detailed Guide with Illustrations and Videos

This is the most important point. You need to get a guide that gives you detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to construct the home made wind power generator. The guide also needs to provide graphics and illustration so that you can easily see how it is done and you can do it yourself after that. It is even better if the guide comes with videos too! This makes your job a whole lot easier.

There are a lot of guides available online that could help you. Make sure you do your research and check out consumer reviews first before purchasing any guide. Take note that the materials and assembly should not cost more than $200. You should also be able to get the materials easily in any hardware store nearby your area.

It is simple to set-up your own wind power generator with the knowledge that you have now. Get started today!

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Added: June 1, 2009