Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Are You Struggling to Build Your Own Solar Panel? Well it Does Not Have to Be As Hard As You Think

Wondering what a solar panel is? It is nothing but a box that has a number of solar cells. These cells are the ones that are actually responsible for the conversion of the sun's light into electric energy. Single cells are fixed into the panels. These panels contain sufficient number of cells to yield enough power and also protect the cells. The process build your own solar panel is not a complicated task and can be easily done by you.

Now is the question, how? To begin with to build a solar panel, you will first have to purchase a few solar cells. A cell of dimensions 3x6 will produce voltage close to a half Volt. 36 of such cells placed in series would produce 18 Volts which is good enough to charge batteries of 12 Volts. These cells are very delicate and so have to be coated with wax to prevent them from chipping or cracking during shipment. Before the cells are used, the wax has to be thoroughly removed.

When you build a solar panel, it is important to place the solar cells properly. A panel is nothing but a low box covered with plexiglass that accommodates the solar cells. Glass can also be used for the casing but it is more susceptible to breakage and can shatter easily due to hail stones or any other debris exposing the breakable solar cells. These cells are first soldered and then glued to a box made of wood and then connected to a power wire that is able to supply power produced to a battery, someplace it can be stored for further use.

Once you build a solar panel, it should be tested. Place them in the sun and then its ends are connected to a voltmeter. Typically, the reading should be around 3Amps and 18Volts.

See how simple it is to build your own sola panel. It is extremely cheap and environment friendly. So start building your today and begin saving.

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