Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Build Windmill Power - Can I Get Off the Grid?

There is a lot of talk about "going green" lately, especially windmill power. This has raised a lot of questions about how to build wind power, such as, is it even really possible? The short answer is yes but getting off the power grid is not a walk in the park.

  • Why Is Windmill Power So Great?

Windmill power is such a great energy source for the simple fact that wind is free. Notice that I said wind is free, not the creation of wind power. Creating windmill power will take some expense and some upkeep but can be quite lucrative eventually.

  • What Don't They Tell Me About Windmill Power?

Nobody talks about the downside of harnessing the wind. The reality is that you can only harness so much of the power from the wind and it isn't very efficient. No windmill, no matter how well built can capture more than about 60% of the energy created from the wind. This is a physical law of nature that can't be broken. The speed and consistency of wind also cannot be controlled and thus will tremendously affect the production of energy. Last but not least, windmill power can be quite noisy and obtrusive looking in a residential neighborhood.

  • Does That Mean I Shouldn't Consider A Residential Wind Turbine?

A single residential wind turbine or even a couple wind turbines will not necessarily get you off the power grid. It will likely cut your electricity bill down significantly but unless you live in an area that has high winds year round, you better stay plugged in. You will save money and do something great for the environment but completely disconnecting from the power grid is not likely for most people. Some advocates push a combination of solar panels and wind harnessing to get off the grid but that is a more in depth process. If you are new to the idea of wind power, be satisfied by lowering your bill and helping the planet.

Autor: Tanner Eisley

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Added: February 3, 2010

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