Saturday, May 16, 2009

How to Make a Solar Water Heater

Using solar power for heating water for homes is an excellent option not only for saving money and energy, but also for preserving the environment. This article will explain how to make a solar water heater which will ensure you get hot water around the year with almost zero expense.

Making your own solar water heater is easy. First you need to decide on the best place where you are going to install one and also decide on its capacity which will best suit your needs.

You then need to build a solar collector with pipes through which water is transported which will collect the solar energy. This stored up heat is then used to heat water which flows through it.

This heated water then needs to be stored in a solar storage tank. The main purpose of this solar tank is to stored the hot water without it cooling down. For this purpose this tank is usually insulated and is usually painted black for absorbing and retaining heat. This storage tank can be easily built using scrap materials available at home or at neighborhood hardware stores.

This water tank is connected to the house using preferably insulated pipes so as to maintain the heat so that as and when the need for hot water arises, it can be easily transported without lowering of the heat.

Usually a solar water heater is perfectly capable of meeting the hot water requirements of a household and it is usually backed up with a conventional water heater.

Instead of opting for ready made commercials ones, you can easily build solar heaters as a DIY Project.

It is recommended that to make things easier you go in for good DIY solar heater plans which will guide with step by step instructions and illustrations.

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In fact you can easily make a solar water heater for less than $100.

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Added: May 16, 2009