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Learn How You Can Build Solar Panels at Home

If you are searching for information on information on building solar panels, you will need to first understand how the system and various components work together. The technology that is used is called Photovoltaic (PV) power systems. This source of electricity uses solar cells to convert directly the sun rays into electricity. The first thing I would propose to you is to go through some books that talk about solar energy and photovoltaic technology.

To build solar panels, the very first item to look for is the solar cells. Such parts cannot be DIY. One of the places you can source for this is from eBay. You will be able to get some used solar cells there. When handling these cells, be extra careful as these cells are very fragile. If you want to generate 18 volts, then I suggest that you use 36 solar cells with each generating 0.5 volts (V) and 3 amps (A) Direct Current (DC).

For holding the solar cells together, you will have to use a panel frame which can be either purchased or made by yourself. If you are going to buy the panel frame, all you need is to let the sales person know what sizes are your solar cells and the dimension of your solar panel.

You will need to cover the frame with either a piece of glass or pexiglass. Most people prefer to use pexiglass for the front panel as glass is too easily broken. With the frame purchased or made by yourself, you are now all set to start fixing the solar cells onto the panel. Draw grid pattern on the panel frame to mark out the positions where the cells are going to be. Then put the cells on the penciled grid upside down and start to solder them in series. The last step is to hold them onto the solar panel by gluing the centre of the cells.

Now that you have learnt how to build solar panels, you are probably thinking where you should mount them so that they can generate the solar energy. There are a number of examples where you can use your solar panels like, as a form of garden lighting, at your holiday home, on top of your boat and the possibilities are endless. Start to construct these solar panels with your family on a weekend. Have fun!

One of the most important things that you need to have to help you build solar panels is a detail step-by-step guide. There are some really good such guides in the market. When you are selecting a guide, make sure that it has instructional video that show you the steps that you would need to perform. The cost of such guides is generally not more than $50 and they will show you how to build a solar panel for less than $200.

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